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Citrus Creek Plantation is an eco estate, restaurant and lodge, set in a 20 Acres tropical plantation along the Taberi river and facing the Bout sable beach on the Wild East coast of Dominica.

Upon arrival, you will cool down and change your pace. No hurry, No worry. You are on holidays, just relax. Take time for you and your beloved. This is what we call Barefoot Luxury !

All cottages have a kitchen and you can cook your meals “at home”. Anyway, you will take your  breakfasts there. We’ll supply the bread , butter, jam, honey, coffee , tea, chocolate…. So you can enjoy your breakfast on your private terrace, whenever you want.

There is a restaurant in the plantation, the “Riverside Café”. It is open every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 Pm , and any evenings upon reservation. If you wish to take your dinner at the Riverside Café, just let us know it before 4, and we’ll stay open.  You can ask for a meal plan option (half board) when booking your cottage. These are available from Riverside café and offer great savings.

You can buy basic groceries in La Plaine, very basic ! If you plan to cook in your cottage during your stay, we advise you to buy most of your groceries while in Roseau. You will find many supermarkets there. You can always buy some from the Riverside Café .


The main southern road from Grand Bay / Fond St Jean to Delices is no more. The village of Petite Savane has been evacuated after huge landslides during T/S Erika . You cannot drive anymore through the south to reach Citrus Creek Plantation, and must use the normal main road through Pond Cassé.

All Dominicans in general , and our team of course, will be happy to welcome you and show you our incredible island and people.

We look forward to your visit.

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Location, Location

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Citrus Creek Plantation  is located on the South east coast of Dominica, just North of the village of La Plaine, in front of Bout sable beach where giant sea turtles come to nest. You are about 1hr drive away from Roseau or from the Douglas-Charles airport. You will be out of the crowds of the cruise ships on the wild East coast. The island is clearly divided in 2 : The West coast for the Capital city – Roseau – , and the cruise ships , the deep water port , industrial zone, and Portsmouth with its university and sailors.

The East coast, aka the « wild coast » is …wild, pristine, unspoiled. Most stay over visitors in Dominica used to stay on the east coast hotels,, cottages and villas. We are located exactly between Jungle Bay (in Delices), and Rosalie Bay  (in Rosalie) . There are a few villages but no large ones, no bank, no supermarket, no fast food chain, no movie theatre, no traffic lights, just nature and incredibly nice and smiling people ; quite a lot of rastas and farmers.

Citrus Creek Plantation is located within a forested jungle as well as alongside a river. You are here at your own risk. Exercise caution when walking under the coconuts trees or in the river. We decline all responsibility.

You can download the roadbook to reach Roseau to CCP roadBook or Douglas-Charles to CCP roadBook.

Car Rental

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Check all details of car rentals in our next tab : here at “Tours, transfers, Car rentals “

We highly encouyrage you to use the services of our partner Ride-On rental, and let them pick you up at the port or airport and drive you upon arrival to Citrus Creek Plantation. But of course this is your choice . If you rent on your own, please note :

Remember: The southern road (Roseau to La Plaine via Grand bay) is no more. You must drive through Pond Cassé (central forest) to reach La Plaine from Roseau.

You ABSOLUTELY NEED a 4 WD vehicle simply to reach some of the cottages at Citrus Creek Plantation, or to drive to some remote places. . Most car rentals are 4WD anyway, and automatic. Blow your horn frequently.

There are not so many gas stations. Most of them are around Roseau. Close to Citrus Creek Plantation, there is a small gaz station in Delices (a few miles South) . We are lucky ! Always try to keep 1/2 tank minimum.

Day tours are available from CitrusCreekPlantation with our partner Ride-On rental. Day tours from $ 40 / day per person.

Pick up ride

Check some examples of our guided tours : Day Tours

Download the pdf RoadBooks for Roseau to CitrusCreekPlantation and Douglas-Charles airport to CitrusCreekPlantation:

Language – Time Zone

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The official language in Dominica is English. Mostly everybody speak patois , or creole. Interestingly, although Dominica is an English speaking country, their creole is a French creole. The same as the one used in Guadeloupe and Martinique. Most visitors coming from the French West Indies can speak patois in Dominica with no problem.

Dominica is one the Atlantic time zone at GMT ( Z) minus 4 hrs.

Money, Cash, Credit Cards, Currencies

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You can pay all your expenses at Citrus Creek Plantation or at Riverside Café with a Visa or Mastercard. There are not so many other businesses in Dominica accepting cards. Some restaurants do, not all. Only one or two gaz stations, in Roseau, do. Most small shops do not. There are no ATM close to Citrus Creek Plantation. You can withdraw cash at ATMs in Roseau , in Portsmouth or at Douglas-Charles airport; That’s all.

We highly encourage you to inform your bank or credit card company that you will be traveling to Dominica. If not, they tend to reject credit card payments, putting you – and your supplier – in an embarrassing situation !

The local currency is the eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$ or XCD) . Its value is tight to the US Dollar since 30 years , at a fixed rate . You can pay in cash in EC$ or US$ . Most shops will take your US$ at a rate of exchange of 2,6 EC$ for 1US$.

€ is generally not accepted in Dominica. Only at certain places, and at a non attractive rate of exchange. Based on the € / $ rate, actually 1 € is worth 3 EC$.

So we recommend you bring with you some cash in US$ or EC$ , and try to have more small bills.

You can change money in Roseau at “Cambio” .

Tips are always appreciated. Most restaurants include service charge in their bill, some don’t. A small tip for a nice service received is a good practice and always welcome.

Telephone, Internet, Electricity

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Electricity is very expensive in Dominica. Close to 0,4 US$ per Kw.

Supply is fair, and is in 220/240 Volts at 50 Cycles. Most phones, tablets, computers now accept both voltages (110 v or 220 v) but you will need an adaptor. Local sockets are the UK 3 pin type.

Cellular coverage on the island is quite good. There are 2 local operators : FLOW (Cable & Wireless) and Digicel. Your local provider at home might charge expensive roaming charges if you use your phone in Dominica. If you ask so, we can provide you with a local rental cell phone which you can top up. Some restaurants and bars on the island will provide Wireless service to get internet connection. At Citrus Creek Plantation, we now have no other choice than to use Satellite Internet system from Caribsat. This is great, priceless when you have no other option, but costly. Accordingly, our wifi policy is now that we give you free of charge 200 Mb per day of stay . This is enough to check your emails or browse internet a few minutes.  If you need more internet, you will have to pay for the consumption above 200 Mb per day a fair and reasonable amount : + 10 US$ per additional 1GB.

Dominica area code is 767. Country code is 1. To call from abroad, dial ++ 1 767 and 7 digits
To call home from Dominica, dial ++ or 011 from a local phone , then country code, area code and number.


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There are no dangerous animals in Dominica. You can hike barefoot !

Snakes are not poisonous. There are some boa (aka as “tete chien”) but they are generally more afraid than you are . You can see , but not often, centipedes and no bad spiders.

It is strictly forbidden to kill, eat or remove wildlife without the appropriate permits and licences, and is considered an offense. Never try to Import or export crayfish or crabs or any animal or plant in or out of Dominica. Turtles are a protected specie , same as agoutis, iguanas, manicous……

Basic Rules About Dominica

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People are friendly , respectful and helpful. They will be proud to see you, a foreigner, coming to visit their small island. They are not poor. They do not miss anything. They have food, water, and a generous and abundant nature all around them. They will propose to guide you sometimes, and expect a tip. Or they will initially tell you how much they intend to charge you for such service. Just ask. If you do not agree, simply say this is not what you want to do, and that’s it.

In Roseau, you will find beggars. Most locals know them all by their name . Most of them will use the money you would give them for drugs. Some to survive and have a piece of bread. Make your own judgement. Give or not. If not, politely decline .

You might see some rastas smoking weed . Weed is absolutely illegal in Dominica and you would be put in jail until your trial at court for smoking weed in public . Avoid absolutely.

Citrus Creek Plantation is located within a forested jungle as well as alongside a river. You are here at your own risk. Exercise caution when walking under the coconuts trees or in the river. We decline all responsibility.

Dominica is no heaven. There are, as anywhere in the world, bad guys. Less than mostly anywhere else, but try to avoid them. Do not tempt them by wearing jewelry or valuables , do not leave visible belongings in your vehicle in a remote place. Do not show large amounts of cash. Use common sense !

What to bring with you

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  • A light raincoat for the liquid sunshine and showers. May be an umbrella!
  • Comfortable shoes to hike . But bear in mind Dominica is the island rivers so you will probably get your feet wet when hiking.
  • A sweat shirt for winter evenings ! Yes it can be as low as 22 C in winter at night. Add the wind factor …..
  • A flashlight is a must. There is no public lighting in Dominica except in the center of Roseau . You will need a flashlight at Citrus Creek Plantation anyway.
  • Insect repellent, preferably natural one base on citronella oil. Very few mosquitoes here, but better safe than sorry.
  • A basic first aid kit is not a bad idea, with pain killers .
  • A pair of binoculars to better look at birds and wildlife
  • A camera for your memories .
  • A waterproof bag if available . You will have use for it.
  • Dress code in Dominica is cool, but you are not expected to be in bathing suits in Roseau or in villages. Stay decent.
  • You will probably not use high heels or a suit , certainly not in Taberi. The choice is yours.

Roseau double rainbow


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Ask us about day tours, Hikes, things to do, and many more details.

We are currently working on preparing a road book to make it easy for you to find the hidden spots, the perfect places …

Some videos here :

Arrival at Citrus Creek Plantation

Sari sari

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Air & Sea Access

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Access to Dominica is not so easy. Dominica is a hidden caribbean gem. This is why the island is still so much preserved. We are out of mass tourism.

AirAccess to Dominica is through some selected airport hubs in the Caribbean:

St Maarten (PJIA – SXM) for flights from the US, Canada, Panama, Holland and Paris Charles de Gaulle . With connections to Dominica with Winair/AirAntilles ( Air France code share) . Same day connection possible most days.

San Juan with daily flights from Seaborne airlines ( Code share with American airlines, US Airways, Jet Blue….) , and flights from Winair / AirAntilles.

Antigua or Barbados (ANU or BGI) . These are the main hubs for regional airline LIAT. Good connections from the UK, and some North American cities/airlines.

Pointe à Pitre and Fort de France (PTP and FDF) . These are the closest hubs to Dominica . 4 to 5 daily flights from Paris Orly with Air France, Air Caraibes, Corsair .. Good connections with the ferry Express des îles the next day and with Air Antilles. Some days of the week allow for same day connection at PTP (Check Air Caraibes offer “Navig’Air” on Thursdays from Paris Orly.

Do not hesitate to check us for advice and details . Your travel agent or Online Travel Agent might NOT have all connections details appearing on their systems (GDS) .

Partners, Interesting Links

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Sustainable Earth : Renewable Energy partner company: Sustainable Earth

Discover Dominica Authority :

Dominica Traveller Magazine by Paul Crask :

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Skyviews Dominica map :

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Panama Art Lodge : The other spot of RV !

Au coin du feu: Nice hotel in Megève in the French Alps:

Our partner lodge in Guadeloupe . Ideal for multi-destination Guadeloupe/Dominica with possibility to link by sea (ferry express des iles) or by air (air antilles). A great way to visit both islands during the same trip :

Day Tours & Hikes

Nice hikes and tours around CitrusCreekPlantation – Wild east coast.

SariSari falls . 1 hour hike deep in the rainforest along the SariSari river, up to the waterfall . very nice pool below the waterfall. Start from the top of the village of LaPlaine.

Rawine Cyrique : For avid and brave hikers. So rewarding ! This is my favorite . Walk down a path, then reach a cliff and go down a rope ladder to the secret beach . there you will find a pristine black sand beach, a water source, and a huge waterfall falling on the beach . Unique !

Victoria falls. In Delices, 10 mn drive from CitrusCreekPlantation. Very nice 45 mn hike in the White river coming from the Boiling lake. Huge boulders in the river . Guide recommended.

Glassy point. a very cool 40 mn walk down to the sea shore in the village of Boetica . very appealing pools in the rocks by the shore . enjoy a warm sea bath.

Denier falls, Trois bassins/ Morgan falls,  Newfoundland river pool, Taberi river pool , Emerald pool, are other very nice hikes around Citrus Creek Plantation.

Other long walks and hikes include Bolive falls, Chemin letang ( From the village of Grand fond to the Freshwater lake and Boeri lake), and the Petite Soufriere trail from Rosalie .

Let us know in advance how we can help you with these tours , hikes and excursions . We can put you in contact with a guide, we can give you tips on where to go, and we’ll shortly be able to supply you with a nice Road Book with all details.

Download our day tours details :  Day tours

Dominica is a peaceful country . Visitors are still considered as travelers, not as tourists. Enjoy your stay. ….