Eco Village

Citrus Creek Plantation: a 20 acres riverside tropical plantation.

N.15°.20′.34″.         W. 061°.14′.55″.  Southeast coast of Dominica.

A sustainable eco village developed by a French team in an old tropical plantation . One of the largest lodges in Dominica ( 20 Acres ) because space is what matters.

Lots, Cottages and Villas for sale – and then all for rent-  in a protected and fertile valley alongside the Taberi river on the East (wild) Coast of the Nature island of the Caribbean: Dominica.

Cottages and villas are then inserted in Citrus Creek Plantation’s rental pool program , operating through  Riverside Café & Lodge as a hotel – or Lodge – of villas.

A different approach to Caribbean real estate. We call it “Barefoot Luxury” . Simple, relax, Sustainable, natural.

This historical estate used to be a Banana plantation in the recent past. It had been a large sugar cane estate in the XVIIIth century and still has old buildings and ruins. It was far before a famous settlement of native Kalinagos thus the name “Taberi” , meaning “common house” …

It is now divided in 3 separated areas:

1/ The Entrance - Read More

The entrance is where the restaurant (Riverside Café) , offices, and plantation buildings and workshop  are located, alongside the main road and with an approximate total size of 3 Acres.

It is not for sale and will remain accessible to the property owners and plantation operation. It is the heart of the whole project. It gives a buffer to the rest of the estate. There is no visual or sound interference with the rest of the property.

2/ The Main Valley - Read More

The main valley runs alongside the Taberi River and is planted with old Mango, Bananas, Coconuts, almonds and avocado trees and now hundreds of Citrus Trees (Oranges, Grapefruits,Tangerine, Lime). These are still growing, not bearing yet ! We have ordered 500 more of these Citrus trees ( disease free) .

This portion of land is mainly flat and completely protected from the outside world. It gives a total privacy. It borders on one side the Taberi river and its numerous natural batheable pools on more than 1500 feet of river frontage , and the forested ridge rising covered by a tropical green variety of old and large trees protecting this valley .

We continue planting hundreds of trees and crops on the north side of the valley.

The total size of this main valley is about 7 Acres.  6 cottages and villas have already been built : 2 are for sale .

One of these is a 1550 square feet , 2 bedroom villa on ½ acre riverside lot. Ylang Ylang .

The other one is a 700 Square feet stone and wood cottage , on a ½ acre Riverside lot (Guava) .

Only one more lot remains for sale , unbuilt . This is the largest of all Citrus Creek Plantation’s lots : Circus . It gets its name from the shape of the lot , starting on the edge of the Taberi river, and climbing up to the top of the ridge , and includes a large acreage of forested ridge .

This property is really unique for it allows for total seclusion on only 20 Acres bordering a river but is still with easy access to the main road through the entrance part of the estate, and has all utilities, High Speed wireless internet on site.

3/ The Forested Ridge - Read More

This is the ultimate protection of the valley . The phase 2 of the development will be building some tree houses nestled in the forested ridge, hidden, with nice elevated mountain and sea view . Planned for ……. later !

For Sale Now!! - Read More

One villa and one cottage have just been built for sale. They are available now for sale, and are already successfully operated in the rental pool program.

Details of the sale : Cottage and Villa for sale

Other cottages, villas, lots and lands for sale : Contact us to know more.

Citrus Creek Plantation Eco Village - Read More

Space, plenty of space , 20 Acres of space between the Taberi river and the forested ridge … This is luxury..

The 20 Acres property borders the Taberi river along which many natural pools offer freshness and sits in front of the Bout Sable beach where giant sea turtles come each year to nest.

Citrus Creek Plantation is a completely sustainable operation: Stones and hardwood used for building come from the land and the Valley, water is catched both from the rain and the river, is filtered and stored in special tanks before making its way  to each and every houses tabs.

Alternate energy is available with Solar panels and Hydro turbines through our sister company Sustainable Earth Inc. (

Organic Restaurant (Riverside Café) and pool gazebo on premises. The future pool will use river water and will be built as a natural pool (shared surface of plants and swimming area) and will integrate huge river boulders.

A refuge where you can “eat what you grow, and grow what you eat,” where electricity and water are your own production , and where you will feel really fine, relax and rest for real.

The 3rd phase planned for Citrus Creek Plantation will be the SHARE program, opening the wide Wayaneri valley (The one starting from the Unesco 3 pitons National park and including the taberi valley) . Large tracts of land offering total privacy to wide and comfortable sustainable villas will be developed under this program, while the large gardens will be planted with organic food.

S.H.A.R.E. Program

Citrus Creek Plantation is not a new Real estate development in the Caribbean. It is a new way of life where Agriculture, Hospitality, and Real estate are mixed for the mutual benefit of the foreign investor, the local community and farmers, as well as the developer.

This is the root of the SHARE program we have started.
SHARE for:

SHARE project paper

Why Dominica? - Read More

Dominica enjoys the friendliest people of the whole Caribbean. Don’t ask why, we do not know why, but we can testify it is true!

Dominica offers prime Real Estate land on riverbanks at prices far, far below other islands prices.

Dominica has a very clear and trouble free “registry” system and there are no stories of lands purchased and then titles disputed later. Once you buy a land here, the title is yours and no more worries.

In Dominica, there are no capital gains taxes, no inheritance taxes and no Real Estate taxes.

Finally, some of the major concerns and threat of the XXIst century are :

  • Water : Lack of water on the planet.
  • Density of population.
  • Food availability
  • Security: Terrorism threat
  • Well, you are welcome to come to see by yourself, and share with us in Dominica!

Some Maths & Conversions - Read More

(updated April 2009)

1 Hectare = 2,471 Acres

1 Acre = 43560 Square feet = 4046 M2

1 M2 = 10,76 square feet

1 € = 1,10 US$

1US$ = 2,67 EC$ (East Caribbean Dollar)