Tours, Car rental, transfers

Transfers, day tours, car rentals. These are an essential part of the quality of your trip to Dominica and must not be neglected.

Because we know how difficult it is to find a good, reliable and honest guide/driver or a fair car rental company, we have spent efforts and energy to find the good partner and we selected Marlon Stedman, from our community in the hamlet of Case O’Gowrie .

Take advantage of the new partnership between CitrusCreekPlantation and Ride-On rental from Case O’Gowrie.

We have listened to our guests comments, and found an agreement with Marlon of Ride-On rental to offer 4Wd rentals in LaPlaine, and combine it with airport and ports transfers.
What our guests have repeated to us is that found it tiring, sometimes stressful and difficult, to drive on their own, mainly at night, from the port or the airport to CitrusCreekPlantation upon arrival from a tiring journey.
We understand that. Very few road signs in Dominica, driving on the left side of the road, pot-holes…

Thanks to this partnership, you can now :

Rent a nice 4Wd vehicle directly from CitrusCreekPlantation.

– Have a driver wait for you at the port or the airport, and drive you stress-free to your cottage upon arrival in a nice and comfortable , roomy and air conditioned mini van Toyota Alphard. If you rent a car from Ride-On, you will  not pay for the transfers, but simply add one day of rental. (So if you stay 4 days, you will rent for 5 days and that includes your transfers IN and OUT)

Ask us for availability and book at the same time as your cottage.

Driving in Dominica is something…. Driving is on the left side of the road. Roads are very narrow. But it is of course a very rewarding experience and gives you total freedom to visit the places you want, when you want, at your pace.

Remember: The southern road (Roseau to La Plaine via Grand bay) is no more. You must drive through Pond Cassé (central forest) to reach La Plaine from Roseau.

You ABSOLUTELY NEED a 4 WD vehicle simply to reach some of the cottages at Citrus Creek Plantation, or to drive to some remote places. . Most car rentals are 4WD anyway, and automatic. Blow your horn frequently.

There are not so many gas stations. Most of them are around Roseau. Close to Citrus Creek Plantation, there is a small gaz station in Delices (a few miles South) . We are lucky ! Always try to keep 1/2 tank minimum.

Day-tours: For those preferring to be driven by a guide, Day tours are available from CitrusCreekPlantation with our partner Ride-On rental. Day tours from $ 50 / day per person. You can pay a fee per person, and you may end being 2 couples in the vehicle, or, if you prefer, you may add a little extra (+40$) and be on your own with the driver-guide and the vehicle all for you only. Ozzy will be your main driver.

Pick up ride

Check some examples of our guided tours :

Recap of day tours – transfers – car rentals :

  • Transfers : 70 US$ one way from ferry terminal, 80 US$ one way from airport for 3 guests. (or simply add 1 car rental day and this includes the transfers with RideOn) . Add $ 20 for driver’s departure from CCP before 7 AM or return after 7 PM.
  • Car rentals : Honda HRV, 2 door 4WD, Honda HRV 4 door AWD . From US$ 47 per day
  • Day tours : From US$ 50 per day per person