Our Story

Citrus Creek Plantation Vision & concept

You may say I am a dreamer… The vision came at the first minute I saw this piece of land.
I had three things in mind :

  • Mixing Agriculture, Real Estate and tourism development so we could operate a traveler’s lodge immerged into a working tropical  plantation,
  • Share it with others, coming from different countries and culture, bringing their experience, knowledge and energy.
  • Aim for autarky . This always seemed  to me the best possible life insurance , and it takes all its sense in these troubled days,

Taberi valley, which was then a banana plantation , kingdom of M. Hector (aka Bydebay) seemed to have it all. I purchased it in 2 days in 2007 and we started planning and working. We still work hard today.

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Imagine: A Banana plantation surrounded by dense tropical bush…. To become a sustainable eco-village welcoming international travelers and investors in riverside cottages and villas and feeding them in a good restaurant…….
Thanks to Cyrus, Patricia, Pierre, Mr Matthew and his family team, Allan and his, Jamestia and Karen, Abi , Claudian and Sobers, Richard and Marlon,  this wonderful piece of land was shaped and turned into Citrus Creek Plantation today. Special thanks to Patricia who was the first one to settle here, who planted most of the gardens and continues, who opened the Riverside Café … And very, very , very special thanks to Anne who , besides being the architect and designing all buildings, is involved in each and every aspect of what is happening here.

Since 2008, we opened access roads, digged drains, installed electricity and a solar back up system, designed a water system, landscapped, planted hundreds of trees and thousands of flowers, received subdivision approval from Planning, sold lots, designed and built sheds, workshops, cabins, cottages, villas … Today, 12 cottages and villas have been built at “Taberi” . Taberi, as the area and the river are  known means “home” in ancient Carib indians language; It is now home for Martin from Slovakia, for Tana and Eliot from Switzerland and Dominica, for Patricia from France, for many guests from around the world each year at Citrus Creek Plantation, and of course, for Anne and I. We enjoy it everyday . We welcome you to share it with us , and enjoy it too.

Hervé “RV” Nizard
for Anouk and Sasha, my beloved daughters……

Our Lodge

Charming, Casual, Comfortable, Sustainable. “Barefoot Luxury” .
Travelers welcomed as guests at Citrus Creek Plantation

Riverside Café & Lodge operates the Citrus Creek Plantation rental pool program as a hotel – or Lodge – of cottages and villas.

Travelers can stay here for a few days – or more, and can choose between simple rental of the cottage or villa (AirBnb style – no services), or can choose full lodge services including breakfasts, housekeeping, meal plans, packages including transfers and tours….

Unique cottages and villas. set in this 20 acres private valley and tropical plantation, alongside the Taberi river on the pristine and unspoiled East coast of Dominica.

Enjoy privacy but with the convenience of an eco-hamlet with a restaurant on site (Riverside Café) , property management offices including tour desk, car rental ,  ……

Cottages and villas range from 45 Sqm to 230 Sqm , from 1 to 3 bedrooms; All of them enjoy a large private garden and all can enjoy freely the 20 acres of the plantation with hundreds of fruit trees, organic crops, pond, wildlife…. and of course the Taberi river to bathe and chill out.

Choose from a stone tree house (Banyan) , a large stone cottage (Mango) , an upstairs loft (Vanil Vaness) ,  a large luxurious 2 bedroom villa (Ylang Ylang) and a 1 bedroom suite (Guava-Cherry).

Citrus Creek Plantation is located 2 miles North of the village of La Plaine, just in front of the Bout Sable beach where sea turtles come to nest every year. Surrounded by famous waterfalls and hikes, enjoy Dominica’s nature.

Some call it “Barefoot Luxury”.

– No flat screen TV but plenty space with 20 acres of playground alongside the river,

– No overcrowded swimming pool but private areas to bathe in the pristine Taberi river, or many others

– No AC but natural ventilation, large trees shade and a permanent nice breeze,

– No casinos around, No shops, but thousands of acres of unspoiled nature,

– No fancy beach bar with loud music but hidden beaches where you’ll be alone,

– No shopping malls or large supermarkets but fresh organic produce , fruits and vegetables

– No high end branded stores but waterfalls, hikes in the rainforest, rivers

What else ?

The “luxury” comes from the space, the valley, the plantation, …. and of course, “The Taberi river” . And it does not come from the price !

Citrus Creek Plantation Site plan

Our Restaurant

Riverside Cafe

cafe-vegLocal food + French touch =     Bon manger !

Riverside Café is located in the main stone building at Citrus Creek Plantation, just in front of the Taberi river.

All tables are under an open veranda overlooking the river. There are some wooden outside tables in the garden.

Riverside Café is offering as many local products as possible , cooked with a French touch.

The concept of « eat what you grow, grow what you eat » is prevailing at Riverside Café.

We try to use our garden products as we use absolutely no chemicals.

Riverside Café Hours:

  • Open every day from 10:00 AM to 5 PM
  • Open Evenings upon reservation for Dinner . Dinner is served at 7 PM .
    If you want to eat later, or plan to arrive later the first day, feel free to ask us to fill your fridge with food prepared for you .
    See list attached Mini Fridge Cottage supplies

You can as well ask us to fill your fridge and supply you with most of the ingredients we use at the restaurant; From the basics (Pasta, Rice, Vegetables, Fruits…) to our signature meals served at Riverside Café or our selection of French wines and Caribbean Rums,  you can enjoy them all in your own cottage. We can even send one of our cook take care of your lunch or dinner, privately. Just ask … Menu includes a variety of soups , salad, crepes, lionfish, smoked marlin, chicken and beef, pies, chocolate cake, homemade frozen creams…..

See what our guests are saying about us! Read comments about the Riverside Café on Trip Advisor

Wood oven for homemade pizza parties or barbecue…. Good French wines . Great Caribbean rums … Espresso coffee ….. Wireless internet by the river ….. What else ?

A welcoming dream team with our manager Aurore “Dominique” , and Jamestia ….of course .

Enjoy some photos of Le Riverside Cafe

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Riverside Café Menu

Click here for our 2019 menu.  RiversideCafé2016 menu

Le Riverside Cafe